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Welcome to the new CEPHBASE and its home within the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).
CephBase is a repository of data and factual information for the CLASS CEPHALOPODA - squids, octopuses, cuttlefish and nautilus. These remarkable and unique animals are best known to the public for their ability to instantly change color pattern, and for their jet propulsed escape and inking. Cephalopods are keystone species in marine ecosystems, they are important biomedical models for research, and they are the target of substantial fisheries worldwide.
There are more than 800 known species and new ones are being discovered every year. In addition to photos, videos, publications, taxonomic classification and general biology, CephBase maintains a list of researchers who are currently studying many facets of cephalopod science.  
We are all indebted to the original contributors of Cephbase who envisioned its potential, raised funds to support it, and worked to fill its pages with a wide array of information useful to scientists and citizens worldwide (see the History of CephBase).
Enjoy your exploration of these web pages (and their links to other information sources) as they introduce the many fascinating wonders of cephalopods.

Welcome to BioAcoustica. This site is an online repository and analysis platform for scientific recordings of wildlife sounds. In order to use the analysis functions you will need to create an account.
It is hoped that this archive of field and laboratory recordings will become a useful resource for those working on acoustic identification and monitoring whether they work by ear or are developing automated techniques.
Read more about the aims of BioAcoustica. Recordings are individually licensed, please see our Licensing Policy.

ViBRANT: Supporting biodiversity research communities

Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy (ViBRANT) is a European Union FP7 funded project starting in December 2010 that will support the development of virtual research communities involved in biodiversity science. Our goal is to provide a more integrated and effective framework for those managing biodiversity data on the Web. [Read More]

ViBRANT provides: 

  • A virtual research environment (Scratchpads) where users can safely store, share and manage their research information.
  • Analytical services for users to build identification keys and phylogenetic trees.
  • A publication platform for users to automatically compile biodiversity science manuscripts from their research database.
  • A portal for users to centrally access publicly accessible biodiversity research information and literature.
  • Training, helping research communities to use these tools and services.
  • A standards compliant technical architecture that can be sustained by biodiversity research community.

Get involved by:

Starting a Scratchpad, getting training, accessing data, or becoming a developer.
PS - A prettier version of this message will follow shortly!

This is the final test site as we consider moving to the scratchpads platform. The site contains images and  taxonomic information about all described genera of sclereactinian corals. Data consist of authorship, type species (including type specimens and museum catalogue numbers), classification, synonyms, morpholology (description, diagnosis), comparisons with related taxa, taxonomic remarks, and distribution.
For more details, see 'About us'